What is Digital Marketing ?

Understanding Digital Marketing is the activity or marketing activities with a series of ways and techniques using digital getting traffic, data, and customer. Marketing is a series of attempts to convey, disseminate, and offer something in order to achieved a certain goal. While the digital means identical with advanced equipment technology that is always evolving and providing the convenience of the public. Examples of digital media, websites, social media, online store, marketplace, digital payment, applications, search engines, modern digital technology are most familiar with today's society. Among it all can be utilized to assist in marketing products, business or the more modern business and potential because of his having access is very fast and far-reaching. The main purpose of Digital Marketing as a marketing.

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Target Marketing

The main goal of "digital marketing" is a marketing tool that utilizes or digital media to reach target consumers in a fast, precise and extensive. It also could be more effective and efficient in the use of funds of adverts for business or business.

Increase Brand Awareness

Actually increase brand awareness is part of the conventional marketing or digital, which aim to introduce a product or brand to the public. The more famous a brand/brand the more easily accepted by consumers.

Cara Menjadi Pakar Digital Marketing secara Otodidak
Advertise on television, billboards, radio advertising of conventional commonly referred to is essentially an effort increase brand Awareness. In the digital age can use display Google Ads, or the adverstiser Facebook and Instagram.

Legal marketing is increasingly well known brand and a product by audiences, it will be more easily accepted by consumers

Build The Database Market

What if we got the right consumer market databases and in accordance with our product or service?

For example, the effect of business with digital marketing can collect the prospect of consumers with criteria women age 18-40, the Muslims, and likes fashion. This database later can be used to offer you over email or ads that are highly effective and efficient digital marketing activities.

Analysis Of Digital

After you determine the target, namely to analyse digital marketing systems to implement the most effective and efficient. Using some of the tools of analysis to measure the page as an ad, user behavior, and includes the use of advertising budget, so that really fit the target marketing.

Like Google Analytisc, Search Console, Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram Insigt etc.
biodexδωρεαν digital media marketing
Digital Media Marketing used for business

1. Website

Since from the first choice of many people into websites for easy access to information, the speed of Exchange data, disseminate products, places and selling online, and media promotion. We can start using digital marketing by creating the right business website
The cost of making the website belongs to cheap capital to build the business when compared to the cost to open a shop or Office directly. If you already have a shop and Office with plus website will be great result

2. Content Marketing

Content means content that is on a digital media such as the articles on the website, posting and caption on facebook and Instagram, included is a good video on youtube, the website and social media.
Of course its kind which had the value of marketing that is able to menaraik attention, both to increase brand awareness or get sales from the content marketing

3. Social Media

The media is a very lively social networking use hundreds of millions of people around the world. Place interacting without limited time and space.
The social media service already offers a very cheap place to advertise specific examples such as advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to become the most online media most used people search for information. Search engines can be utilized to get the right consumer in accordance with what is in the search using the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
We can make a lot of content optimized SEO to get a lot of visitors to the website could be the opportunity as a potential customer.
Learn the complete knowledge about SEO from Google

5. Google Ads (Search Engine Marketing)

A special place to advertise from Google among others
Search Engine Marketing ads that appear at the top of Google search page
Display Network advertising banner ads that appear on websites and blogs that many visitors
YouTube Ads, if you often see ads on Youtube this is a video advertising services from Google
You can learn more at the Google Ads Guide

6. Email Marketing

If we ever receive an email containing the promotion of a service or an online shop for example, that the use of email as a marketing. Almost all internet users already have potential as active email tool product offerings or services.
Using email can not send original, but using database subscriber i.e. people interested with your business
Step How To Start Digital Marketing
  • Create a website with the right concepts and design
  • Creating website content that suits your target marketing
  • Build your social media assets
  • Make content marketing for websites and social media
  • Applying SEO for website
  • Use Google or Facebook ads
  • Build content such as Youtube video assets
  • Always learn from experts and practice
  • All this may be beneficial